The demo works, but now and then it shows strange characters?
The demo version has exactly the same features as the 'real' version, however, the text goes to the encoder is encrypted. You can assume that when you decide to purchase the texts correctly given.
Is our RDS encoder supported by RDS-Studio?
The simplest and best way to find out, the demo software download and plug into the encoder. Although the demo software on the distorted text display shows the operation is very easy to test. You can also assume that all the encoders UECP protocol support this include Pro Line, R & S, and RVR Inovonics work with RDS Studio. If in doubt send us an e-maile-mail
Is it possible to display title and artist on the RDS display?
This depends on the automation system you use. It is important that you have a logfile automation with information about the current artist and title. Radiohost for example has such a log.
Should the PC remain connected to the RDS encoder?
Yes ... that need. Since you want to use dynamic RDS is necessary to the PC connected to the encoder. In this way it is possible for an unlimited number of dynamic text display on the RDS.