RDS-Studio: create dynamic RDS content
The RDS-Studio-software allows you to supply dynamic input for your RDS-encoder. It is possible to set this dynamic information seperately for every hour of the week. The com-port is used to make a connection between the software and your RDS-encoder. When a connection between RDS-Studio and your RDS encoder is established it is possible to manage your complete RDS-encoder with the RDS-Studio software. This gives you almost unlimited possibilities to configure your RDS-encoder.

The 'weekplanner' is the core of the application. The planner determines for every individually hour of the week which text and parameters are going to be set. You can choose to set these parameters for every separate hour, (part of the) day or you can schedule a 'horizontal' planning. The next parameters can be set individual for every hour of the week**:
  • RT - Radio Text
  • PS - Programme Service (unlimited amount of 8-character blocks)
  • PTY - Programme Type
  • Now-onair - current artist and title info
  • Remote connector - transmitting TA and PS from another location
PS Blocks
PS Blocks are blocks of 8 characters each. These blocks can be programmed in a unlimited amount. For each block you can program the time to display the block on the RDS. The blocks can be selected in the weekplanner.

Now on air
With 'Now on air' you can show the artist and songtitle that are currently being aired on the 'PS' and 'RT' block. However this function works only for radio-automation applications that create a log-file with on-air information. Systems that our current users use for NowOnAir are: RadioHost, PCRadio, Mouse Music, OTSDJ, AirWave-Nonstop, IMediaTouch and WinAmp.

Break words
When using the NowOnAir option very often words will be longer than 8 characters. These words will be placed in a 'BreakWord list' automatic and you have the option to connect multiple 8 character words to a breakword.

Starting version 1.5 its posible to display RSS-Feeds on RDS using RDS-Studio.

PS blocks will be aligned automatic.

Remote Connector
The 'Remote Connector' is an extra application which can make an connection through intranet or internet (TCP/IP) with RDS Studio ***. This makes it possible to sent a TA-signal from the studio to another location where the computer of RDS-studio is located. It is also possible to sent temperory PS-texts from another location to the RDS-Studio computer without affecting your weekschedule. In fact the remote-connector can't change the weekplanner or the PS-blocks.

Static parameters
Static paramters that can be set manually:
  • PI - Programme Identification
  • TP - Traffic Programme
  • TA - Traffic Announcement
  • CT - Clock Time
  • AF - Alternative Frequency
The supported protocols are UECP (SPB490) and AEV/SIEL protocol, so all common RDS-encoders can be used with RDS studio.

More information or Demo
For extra information or questions about this product you can sent an email.

* In the demo-version texts will be encrypted now and then
** Included as from the standard version